And the song keeps playing

Not too sure what to put this clusterfuck of a post under so I’ll chuck it under ‘Personal’ given that it is a bit of a grab bag of different topics. Recently I uploaded a video on YouTube regarding Islam, specifically the video ‘Mind your own business’ when viewed within the context of Dalia Mogahed claim that part of the problem with the Muslim world is the ‘crisis of authority’ within Islam itself ( link ).

My diet is going well – almost two weeks and it is gradually paying off. Keeping the calorie intake between 1800-2000 per day and walking home from work each night has resulted in my pants and shirts getting looser so so hopefully within 6 or so months I’ll close to my target.

Reading through the Mountain Lion ‘reviews’ that have been uploaded I can’t help but feel that people are ignoring the reality of software development – that today’s operating systems (I’d argue for the last 10 years this view is held constant) are not giant leaps forward but step by step progression. As a poster pointed out on Arstechnica, until there is a brand new piece of technology that overturns how everything operates the best one can expect is a tweaking and streamlining existing technologies to work more coherently. For me I’d prefer to see step by step progression rather than the ‘break neck dash for the finish line’ that traditional desktop operating systems have been taking – pushing out a new version every 18months to 2 years with attempts to cram as many ‘features’ and tick as many boxes to win the ‘feature war’. At this point the biggest problem for many users, including myself, is for vendors to focus on getting the basics right – fix up bugs in a timely manner, create security subsystems that keep my private data private and secure, to have consistency throughout the operating system when it comes to the user interface and terminology used, and to focus on getting things to ‘just work’ as they should.

The interesting question, however, has been whether moving to a yearly model will point to free operating system upgrades in much the same way that iOS devices receive free upgrades. If such a model is put in place that it explains the 30% cut where by the developers who go through the AppStore in part pay for the development of Mac OS X but that raises a bigger question whether developers are going to be listened to more closely as a result. The move to a yearly model might also point to another interesting side effect – a more stable release product that hits the web as new features are only merged into the main once they’re as stable as can be and complete rather than “lets merge it now and sort the chaos out later”. Regular upgrades combined with regular updates and that’ll leave me as happy as larry. As for Windows 8 – each time I look over I’m happy that I made the choice to be a ‘Mac fanboy’ given the clusterfuck of an operating system it has become – its like watching ‘The Simpsons’ episode with Homer designing his own car – 30 years of random crap thrown at a problem with ‘hope springs eternal’ that’ll all work together in some sort of coherent manner.

Edit: Forgot to mention – all the screenshots of ‘Mountain Lion in action’ all seem to be showing off an updated version of Pages/Keynote/Numbers which leads me to believe with a strong hint of certainty that when ‘Mountain Lion’ is released that we’ll be seeing a refresh of Pages/Keynote/Numbers and possibly even a revamp of the iLife applications within a few months of its release as well. I love Pages/Keynote/Numbers now but when you start pushing it when it comes to large and complex documents things start to get a little slow so hopefully with ‘Mountain Lion’ it’ll hint at under the hood and user visible improvements when it is released.

5 thoughts on “And the song keeps playing”

  1. Glad to hear that things are going well with your lifestyle change – I did the same in January of 2010, and today I am a completely different person on all levels. I continue to tune, as will you, and you will succeed with this as you are determined.

    Mountain Lion is good so far – an evolution from Lion, as you know. I immediately noticed in increase in speed, smoothness and polish. I think they are on the right track.

    1. I had one of those, “I can’t continue on doing what I’ve been doing for the last several years” – one of those ‘ah-ha’ moments which I’m happy happened now rather than at a time of something tragic happening.

      I hope that with the switch to a yearly upgrade with Mountain Lion that we’ll see that eventually Apple will upgrade their OpenGL stack to 4.2 which will hopefully provide a more harmonious integration between the various Open technologies that Apple use. On a good side I hear that they’re getting closer to removing the final vestiges of Carbon so hopefully in 1-2 years time we’ll have a completely Cocoa based environment which will hopefully make developers lives a lot easier. I heard that Apple is going to use OpenCL more when it comes to hardware accelerated video encoding/decoding – hopefully we’ll see it translate into updates to Compressor 4 because right now it is still a 32bit application. I wish they made a 64bit one, even if it required a ‘re-launch’ if a video is encoded in a plugin that is still 32bit.

      One more thing – iOS 5.1 and maybe a preview of iOS 6.0 apparently being launched/announced March 7 so I’m all excited about what is happening next week (Thursday NZ time but Wednesday US time which will be awesome since it is my day off :D )

  2. I was fortunate too – my blood pressure was astronomical, and I developed a small blind spot in my left eye (which has gone away – and as a bonus, I don’t even need corrective lenses anymore – apparently this happens sometimes when you make a significant change like this).

    The fix was actually quite simple for me (I went Paleo), and it totally changed everything for me (no more hypertension, cholesterol normal, eyesight improved as I said, energy level, strength, you name it – amazing).

    People ask me how I have been able to maintain my regimen, and I just tell them about my eye…

    Enjoy your day off with the announcement – I’ll be following it on my smartphone while I’m supposed to be working ;)

    1. lol, I’m looking forward to iOS with the Safari update – hopefully we’ll see an updated Safari being released for Mac OS X too (Safari 5.1.4 is currently in testing) along with an update iTunes too.

      I know when Mountain Lion is released I’ll be buying that along with Pages/Numbers/Keynote and a few other things too – AppStore has made buying software so easy and affordable (especially with those gift card specials such as a $50 card for $30) it has made pirating software a thing of the past – not that I ever pirated software *innocent face* :D

  3. *arrrr* I mean, “Why yes, I have always purchased all software that I use.”

    I’ve been ‘legit’ for years, really ever since I started making a good salary and my family came along. Not worth my time to work it any other way, and also as I am using a lot of it for real, legitimate business purposes, I would be exposing myself to serious consequences if I did not maintain proper licences.

    Yes, today should be interesting!

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