Chilling out at home: Back to work tomorrow but enjoying a moment of contentment

Finally got the freezer/fridge organised so hopefully that’ll be arriving on Saturday which will finally allow me to have milk for my coffee in the morning, a cold diet coke when I get home from work and most importantly being able to keep my ‘up and go’ cold so I have a cold liquid breakfast in the morning.

Just reading through some forum comments and it is amazing how moody some people become – if you’re going to be a snarky asshole and correct someone then you better make sure that first of all you’re actually correcting the person on something the actually said rather than assuming they said something (implied or otherwise). I corrected that person correct and all hell broke lose as if I had just punched their mother. Debating on the internet is a full contact sport – don’t get involved unless you’ve got your shit together or otherwise maybe hanging around on a playground for nitwits is a better place. Side issue, if you’re going to sign up for a technology orientated forum here is a friendly advice, how about actually reading some books and knowing what you’re talking about instead of coming on in a bellicose demeanour only to he shown up for a clueless moron when the the debate starts to get a little technical.

Anyway, back to more positive things – this week my health insurance will come out which mean that is really the last big bill until November arrives where I’ll need to pay for another year of vehicle registration but in the next several months I’ll be looking to gradually move to a motorcycle licence that I’ll eventually go from learners to restricted then eventually to a full one which will enable me to purchase this little beast:LX150 Red 0

Which is a 150cc although I am tempted that maybe I should go for the 300cc model which has the extra grunt and carrying capacity to operate at a decent speed. Yeah, I could purchase a car for around the same price but scooters are so much more fun, cheaper and speedy when getting from A to B when there is traffic stacked up for miles as I can zoom down the side avoiding it all :-)

8 thoughts on “Chilling out at home: Back to work tomorrow but enjoying a moment of contentment”

  1. Enjoy your new icebox :)

    I don’t know from where some folks hail (“The Land of Stupid and Rude People” perhaps?), but the hostility combined with outright ignorance makes some places inhospitable. Like you say, if someone is going to be a dick, the least they could do is be an *educated* dick.

    I will say, I have become fairly proficient at ignoring these kinds of people, as well as the zealots who take any available opportunity to derail a conversation and blather on about some cause or another.

    This would of course be the GNU/Linux advocates (not Linux, but *GNU/Linux*) who show up on a thread about OS X or Windows. Do us a favour, guys, and go back to your parents’ basements.

    Good on you for moving ahead with the scooter plan. When we visited New Zealand in 2007, I remarked to my wife that if we ever settled there, I would definitely get a scooter for city use. Though we never made it to Wellington, people were riding them everywhere in Auckland and Hamilton, and I could immediately see an advantage.

    We really need to get back there soon, and see more of your country. Beautiful place – #1 on my list of places to retire, if I can make it happen.

    1. I try to ignore them but it is difficult because it is frustrating that a person has an opinion that is simply based on lies – or what they said is so stupid it can’t be due to a difference of opinion or ignorance but due to some sort of willingness to lie about a particular topic to further some sort of an agenda. is bad but what I think really takes the cake is – filled to the brim with ignorant morons re-gurgitating the same disprove statements but they keep recycling them over and over again; the latest example I remember giving was in regards to an idiot who claimed that OpenGL 3.x wasn’t supporting his card in Mac OS X Lion even though he failed to select ‘core’ from the drop down menu in the ‘OpenGL Extensions Viewer’ application one can download free of charge off the AppStore.

      I remember the GNU/Linux advocates from way back when I used to post on comp.os.linux.advocacy (or COLA for short). It was amazing to see the flat out ignorance being displayed there by both Windows and Linux users alike. I’m happy that I longer get involved with such flame wars because they really amount to nothing more than a giant time sink.

      Oh well, I’m finding maintaining my blog a lot more entertaining than ‘trying to change the world’ as I used to do when I was young. It always reminds me of this cartoon:

      1. I know how you feel – it is quite frustrating sometimes (my pain points these days usually involve zealotry and politics surrounding “freedom” and so forth – to me, it is just technology – hardware and software tools that help me get things done, nothing more – like a hammer, it is not inherently evil, and I have better things to do than “hate” a company or an operating system… so I’m trying to smile and move along… I’d be more concerned about corporations that poison our planet, for instance, than someone locking me in to a file format.)

        Tell me about it – the older I get, the more I have realized that I cannot change the world, I can only change myself, and by my example, perhaps others will do the same.

        So I just try to be myself, live and let live.

        And, in spite of the Apple vs. Samsung verdict in the US, I still plan to purchase either a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro in the coming months, and pass my ’08 to one of my children :)

  2. I’ve just had a look at Thom’s latest tirade on – if there was ever a clueless anti-Apple fanboy he would be it. Using Windows from knee high to a grass hopper and living a very shallow existence ever since but it shows in the comments he posted. The latest example of that is the whining he went on about Samsung losing a case to Samsung – ignoring the fact that ZTE, Huawei, HTC to name a few have been left untouched by the law suit by Apple with Huawei and ZTE posing a much greater threat to Apple than Samsung but neither have been sued – why? because neither ZTE nor Huawei are interested in ripping off the iOS GUI but instead sticking to the bog standard Android GUI with a few additional applications loaded onto them by the carrier. As for Microsoft’s reaction, I hardly blame them – we’re now going to see a return to proper competition of different ideas competing in the marketplace with the alternative vendors to Apple convincing customers why their way is better rather than the blatant copying the leader with all alternatives becoming nothing more than ‘me too’ vendors. I personally prefer the ‘Metro’ interface on the Windows Phone over what Apple does with iOS but it is up to Microsoft convince consumers that it is the case – that has to include not only demos, good hardware but also celebrity endorsements etc.

    1. I saw that just now on OSNews, Thom and his faithful minions should really take a step back and think about it. A friend of mine wrote this piece on The Verge and he pretty much said what you’re saying above – my Galaxy Nexus does not look like an iPhone, nor does Android Jelly Bean look much like iOS 5, which is a good thing. It shows that Google was smart in designing the software, as well as in guiding Samsung with the Galaxy Nexus design.

      But you know, when I was looking at the Galaxy S II by comparison and the Samsung TouchWiz interface… well, the resemblance is clear, hence Samsung’s problems.

      I also like Microsoft’s interface and the phones are very responsive, especially considering the hardware contained within them. It looks fresh and innovative, totally different from anything else, and works very well. I even ran a clone of it on my previous Android for a replacement home screen for about a month, and it was (in spite of not being the real thing) quite effective.

      1. I have my own special loathing for Touchwiz; Samsung Galaxy S didn’t receive an upgrade to Android 4.x purely on the basis because the lack of space on ROM which could have been rectified had Samsung dropped Touchwiz in favour of a vanilla installation of Android. Putting that aside, why would an organisation like Samsung go to so much trouble creating Touchwiz given that the current Android 4.x GUI is already pretty good – to copy the market leader? as far as I’ve seen with a vanilla installation I don’t actually notice anything that Touchwiz delivers that brings to the customer anything meaning that they might otherwise need.

  3. That’s another point as well – Samsung’s insistence on modifying *everything* with their own sense of design (whatever that means). I’ve suggested to quite a few people to stop looking purely at the specs of the Galaxy S III versus the Galaxy Nexus, if they insist on an Android phone, and consider the designs.

    Performance wise in terms of hardware, they are very close, but with the S III for some reason Samsung insisted on a hardware button and non-standard soft keys (non-standard meaning counter to Google’s reference design), and then they of course slapped TouchWiz on top of it.

    Terrible result in my opinion – not that anyone ever listens to me. After all, what do I know, I use an Apple computer ;)

  4. I was just looking at your reply to my first comment, and laughing at myself as I try to ignore otherwise intelligent people who are so completely convinced that there is only “one true way” that they end up looking like complete and utter morons instead.

    This is from someone I know on Google+, all on the same day (today):

    “Damn…my iBall tablet stopped working under #Ubuntu again… GIMP had green tinge… Fed up with this…”

    A bit later, he asked,

    “Any #opensuse expert here? Can’t access Windows machine on local network. Suggestion.”

    Finally, he commented,

    “Working on an illustration using Inkscape on openSUSE as Ubuntu won’t detect my tablet pen.”

    I was very, very tempted to reply and say,

    “Isn’t free software *great*? So much better than Windows or OS X, and no one is preventing you from doing what you want to do with your computer! No issues with bad drivers or DRM, no, all you have to do is reboot into a different distro to access your network, and again to use your tablet – that’s the power of Linux!”

    …but I stopped myself…

    Which was probably a good thing, as I want to spend some time visiting my folks tonight!!!

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