7 thoughts on “My new workstation: Finally arrived!”

    1. It is pretty quiet apart from hearing the fans quietly spinning in the background – you can tweak things in power management if need be. It is a pretty quiet computer for such a grunty setup – Photoshop runs beautifully with no problems experienced so far.

      1. I have read that it is around 24 decibels at idle, which is extremely quiet (nothing like my old Athlon XP 3200+ with multiple case fans and a GeForce 6800 – the ‘gaming days’ of yore).

        So that means it would be very tolerable for my purposes, as I prefer quiet when I work.

  1. @Brett Legree

    I quite like having music playing in the background so it is nice that when I’m listening to music the volume of it isn’t competing with the volume of the computer resulting in having to have the music up loader than I would have liked.

    A strange turn of events: I’ve returned my Samsung Galaxy S3 and got a Nokia Lumia 900 – hopefully that’ll be arriving shortly (within the next week or two). I’ll go into my details in a follow up post I’ll make tonight.

    1. That makes a lot of sense to me too. Once in a while I will listen to music, so that’s another plus for me in favour of quiet systems.

      Interesting! I sort of had a feeling you might be leaning in that direction, and I am sure it will all mesh well together (Windows on your workstation, laptop and mobile).

      Can’t wait to read your post on it!

      1. The biggest problem is Samsung Kies. Samsung might make wonderful hardware but they have an awful lot to learn about fit, finish and making sure that the software doesn’t appears as though it is a re-badged open source application with rickety CODEC’s from third parties and the horrid tagging facility. On the other hand I installed Zune and it is like night and day; easy to use, fast, responsive, finds my music in seconds etc.

        The big question is, do I get the black one delivered on the white one lol I’m happy with the black one and looking forward to it being delivered in maybe a week or so (ordered it on Sunday midnight when I came back from work).

  2. I’ve never tried Kies to be honest, but I’ve read enough about it to stay far away… yeah, the Microsoft stuff is looking extremely good these days and I like the steps they’ve taken towards unifying their UI/UX.

    Windows 8 and RT look good, Windows Phone 8 and the Xbox 360 Dashboard are great too. It “just works” together in a way that is very “Apple-like”.

    Heh heh either black or white would look pretty snazzy in my opinion, I’m not sure which I would choose myself!

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